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Friday, 23-Apr-2010 07:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Coming soon..our new baby

It has been quite some times that i didn't write here..I was so busy and try to cope with my new job..alhamdulillah, everything went so well and i really love my job now..only that so many courses and exams need to be attended to..

And alhamdulillah, this year, we will have our second baby..and irfan really can't wait to have a friend to play with..He seems to be ready to welcome the new member in our family..

I'm hoping that the 'giving birth' process will be smooth and both baby and myself will be in good condition. Insyaallah..

Thursday, 17-Jan-2008 06:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 1st Birthday to Faris Irfan (12 January 2008)

Happy Birthday To You..Happy Birthday To You..
Happy Birthday To Irfan..Happy Birthday To You..

Irfan has grown up to 1 year old now.. We celebrate his Birthday the night before with his nursery teachers (Nadia & Erin) at Pizza Hut..Irfan favourite is Mushroom Soup..

The next day, on his Birth day 1st anniversary, we bring him to One Utama and bought Banana Chocolate Cake for his birthday celebration at Atuk&Wan house. He seem not familiar with the 'ceremony' but we happy for him..Papa & mama wish for his health & may god bless him all the way.

Monday, 12-Nov-2007 02:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gambar Raya & Terkini...

Pagi2 raya, Fan dah siap standy utk makan
Nyam2 nyam2
Pose dgn papa dulu
View all 12 photos...

Monday, 8-Oct-2007 02:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Home Made Almond London !!

Hmm...very delicious.!!
As previous year, this time, my mother in law (MIL), Sister in Law(SIL) & myself made our Almond London biscuits..We just started on last saturday, and the finishing was on last night. This time, we're quit running out time, coz we were sometimes got disturbances from our lovely childs (Irfan & Nabila)...While mama is making the biscuit, ifran cried as he had enough with his father..So, sometimes mama have to stop doing the biscuit and let grandma continue by herself and sometimes by the help from SIL. We were really satisfied with our almond london coz it taste great.

Here is the recipe: (For me this is the simplest way yet delicious-dont make it too complicated )

(Untuk 1 adunan ~ 150 biji)

1 buttercup
1 (cawan teh) gula
1 biji telur
2 cawan tepung Gandum
1 cawan tepung Jagung
1 sudu besar tepung Custard
2 bar coklat
Bekas Biskut

1. Bakar buah badam sebagai persediaan. Disamping itu, tumbuk badam yang telah dibakar untuk hiasan di atas coklat di peringkat akhir nanti.

2. Cara-caranya, Masukkan buttercup dan gula ke dalam bekas. Gaul sekata.
3. Masukkan sebiji telur. Gaul lagi.
4. Ayak tepung gandum, tepung jagung dan tepung custard. Masukkan ke dalam adunan. Gaul rata kesemuanya sehingga menjadi doh.
5. Masukkan badam yang telah dibakar ke dalam doh yang kecil2.
Letakkan adunan badam diatas dulang pembakar.
6. Bakar adunan pada suhu 180oC. Selama 12 minit.
7. Setelah siap, panaskan bar coklat, dan salut ke atas setiap adunan badam. Masukkan biskut almond London ke dalam bekas kertas.

Monday, 27-Aug-2007 08:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How Old is Irfan now?? View his development here..

As mama remember, when Irfan is:

1 month:He's quite heavy in weight, and nurse said, "please control his weight.. dont give nestum yet.."

(but grandpa said, for people in past days..the one day old baby even has eat banana... .

On the 44th day, we held "Akikah & Cukur Jambul" ceremony for irfan.. Poor irfan, after one week, grandma shaved all his hair..sometimes he look funny

2 months : Still gain weight..mama started to send irfan to nursery when he was 2 and 1/2 months old..
(with many doubt in mind.Can they take a good care of my baby as I do?? ). They called irfan as Mawi with his skinny head. Everything goes so smooth and everybody loves irfan because they said irfan is a clever & adorable boy..How do they know?? )

3 months : His weight was stable and fit with his age.Irfan likes to smile when we called his name or when mama sang any song to him...

4 months : Irfan doesn't give mama & papa any trouble..he even can hold his milk bottle by himself...
(very independent right..)

5 months: Time left us so fast until mama can't remember what happened when irfan on this age.. Yes...he got his last injection..
(at least this is the last, until the next when his age is 1 year)

6 months: He likes to move when he was put on the bed..But only one way traffic..He cannot turn back..It's continuous..

7 months: He will drag himself when he saw something which bring to his, mama have to be careful with everything on the floor..irfan doesn't like his teether (that is supposed to be bitten)...he like to bite other things..He also likes to listen to the mp3 song from papa's handset. His favorite song is from Babyface - Nobody Knows It But Me..He can sleep with the beautiful melody
(This happened when mama is not around or mama is really busy in the kitchen)

8 months
: Irfan got fever,flu & cough..Eldest said that baby will get fever when they are going to get new thing/skill in their daily development..
(The truth is Irfan also has shown his new skill of crawling (merangkak) to us.. what a surprise!...But still as beginner la.. )

9 months
: Irfan got his first teeth.mama just notice that during hari raya.that's why he can eat biscuit that grandma gave him..He is also quite active now..Mama thought that's why mama became thinner..Mama can hear clearly that Irfan can say - Mama, Papa, Babah, buah....etc.. but he seems do not know the meaning..
However , When mama ask irfan to "sayang mama", irfan will bring his face close to mama and kiss(sometimes bite ) mama's face..

10 months : Irfan has started to stand.. He doesn't like to crawl as he can't move faster.. He likes to drag more..He also like to "mengemas2". That's why can't leave anything on the table. Just can't imagine how is it when irfan 'get his leg' soon..

11 months : Irfan already has 3 teeths. Now he can crawl faster (no more drag) and like to climb the staircases until he reach upstair, to our bedroom..
Sooner, mama will be more slimmer just by following and chasing Irfan everyday

12 months : Happy Birthday his injections...pity him

1 year 1 months : Ifran becomes more active as he starts to wonder everything that he saw..he likes to step to the staircases when there are chances...Only after we bought the safety gate, he seems not interested to play at that area anymore

1 year 2 months : Irfan has started to walk..the way is very cute..but still need to be monitored..

1 year 3 months : Irfan seems to understanding clearly what mama is talking..he can also can help mama to take anything that mama shows him..he like phone very much..everytime he saw us on the phone, he may come to us and want to use the phone also..then he pretended as he is talking to clever boy..

1 year 7 months : It has been quite sometimes that mama did'nt update this part..Just move on..Irfan has grown up with many skills..(that sometimes tested our patience)..but that's life that we have to face..all kids are like that..for me, i take it positively that maybe due to the very limited time that we spend with our child - make them started to do many acts (sometimes make you want to scream...) in front of us just to gain our concern..! So, we try to be as tolerate as we can, but not to spoil our child..

1 year 10 months : Mama has stop breasfeed Irfan on 19 Nov 2008. Pity him..But what to do, it's for his own good..

And everyday after work, mama & papa just can't wait to go home to meet our lovely Faris Irfan...

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